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Panel debate - Obstacles and challenges on the road to equality. Panel debate and plenary discussion with experts and practitioners: Julia Ehrt, Director, Transgender Europe; Marco De Giorgi, Director, National Office against Racial Discrimination (UNAR), LGBTI Focal point, Italy; Sarah Halilovic, Gay Straight Alliance, the. It'sthe answerspokenby youngandold,rich and poor, Democrat andRepublican, black, white, Latino,Asian, NativeAmerican,gay, straight, disabledandnotdisabled to reclaim theAmerican dreamandreaffirmthat fundamental truth – thatout of many,we are one;thatwhilewe breathe,wehope;andwhere we are met with cynicism. Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is participating in the 15th annual conference of ILGA -Europe, the biggest annual meeting of LGBT activists in Europe, which is being held this year from 27th to 30th October in Italian city Turin. ILGA-Europe is the European branch of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) and a .

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